What Is The Best Energy Drink?

  • Posted on: 10 March 2012
  • By: admin
Best Energy Drink

After much testing and drinking we have declared the best of class. So why do we like Monster Energy drinks better than the others? Well to put it simply, Monster Energy drinks taste good. It’s the only energy drink that doesn’t taste like water dredged from the sewer.

Whether you need to be artificially awake because you’re a truck driver, need to focus for a big exam, or a hard day at work –Monster Energy drinks will keep you awake and alert. It’s like getting an instant pick-me-up and it keeps me awake for a long time. I realize that I should be getting paid to say this but unfortunately I’m not.

Are Monster Energy drinks bad for you?

Does it kill white blood cells and put you at a greater risk of cancer? All energy drinks are bad for you… but they are so good. How long were you eating oreo cookies before the hype of trans-fat came out? Did you die? If you’re reading this, then No you didn’t die.

Stay safe with energy drinks

To be safe combine your energy drinks with a healthy diet and maybe a daily multivitamin with plenty of water and you should be all set. I wouldn’t advise more than more than 4 per day. Be sure to drink water in between monsters. As a side note, you should also brush your teeth afterwards due to all the sugar.

Remember, caffeinate responsibly.