10 Ways To Keep Awake At Night

  • Posted on: 10 March 2012
  • By: admin
Tea and Coffee At Night

So you might be a student who needs to stay up all night to study for a big exam. You might work the night shift. You might be all night bowling. You might be afraid of Freddy Kruger. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to keep awake at night.

There is no doubt that you will need to be artificially awake to stay awake all night, unless this is something of a regular occurrence like a night shift which will require you to sleep during the daylight hours.

Here are 10 ways to keep awake at night

  1. Obviously coffee, soda, or energy drinks. Don’t drink too much coffee though, it will keep you buzzing, but you’ll crash harder than you ever have before.
  2. Caffeine pills 
  3. Jump: Do jumping jacks
  4. Jog: Every time you start to dose off, jog up and down stairs for a while. Increasing blood pressure helps to stay awake.
  5. Nap: If you can fit in a nap anywhere in the afternoon or early evening like 6 or 7 you should be good to stay awake for a while
  6. Fake the Day: Get a for your lamp
  7. Listen to music: Try some energetic music, no classical or you’ll fall asleep
  8. Take a splash: wash your face when you get tired or if you can take a swim in the pool.
  9. Don't Drink Beer
  10. Slap yourself in the face :)

Try not to stay up everynight

Now let’s not make a habit of keeping awake all night, maybe just once or twice a month since it usually take about 2 to 3 days for your body to recover. I hope you enjoyed our 10 ways to keep awake at night. Remember, caffinate responsibly.